When the breeze swells your two silk robes, 
You look like a goddess clothed in clouds. 

When you pass, the flowers of the mulberry trees breathe you. 

When you carry lilacs that you have gathered, they tremble with joy. 

Circles of gold hug your ankles. Blue stones gleam at your belt. 

A bird of jade has made its nest in your hair. 

The roses of your cheeks are placed in the immense pearls of your necklace.

 When you look at me, I see the river flow. 

When you speak to me, I hear the music of the wind of my country. 

When a rider meets you, at dusk, He believes that it is already the dawn and immobilizes his horse. 

When a beggar sees you, he forgets his hunger.



Alone in her room, A girl embroideres silk flowers.

When, suddenly, she hears the sound of a distant flute … 

She shudders. 

She imagines a young man talking to her about love.

Through the paper from the window, 

The shadow of a leaf of rose bushes rests on her lap … 

She closes her eyes and dreams that a hand tears her dress.

” Unknown bird “


One evening, I breathed the fragrance of the flowers along the river.

The wind brought me the song of a distant flute.

To answer him, I cut a branch of willow,
And the song of my flute rocked the night charmed.

Since that evening, every day,
At a time when the campaign is falling asleep, 

The birds hear responding to their song that of an unknown bird, Of which , however, they understand the language.