Ô Sky , Ô infinite

Ô Sky , Ô infinite

Under your vault, color azure

I look at you and reassure me,

Of all my tones, sometimes obscure

Not a flash, not even a wound

Do not take me away from your sphere, from your pure web

I look at you, you look at me

And all is said, in the silence of my soul

Opens up a little more,

Every day, every life

Your huge sheet of snow

Blue or gray satin

And even if our eyes

Attach more to clouds

Take them always

A bit higher

A little further

Let them not stop at mirages.

The sun is there, behind, at its anchorage

He waits his turn, peaceful and wise

Let the page be turned to him,

So proud, happy just like a God

He points his crown

And shines with all its lights

And in its light

Majestic beauty

I find my heart

My warmth, my truth.

Ô Sky,

Ô Infinite!



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